“Mark has over 25 years’ experience of positively impacting corporate performance. Until recently, he was the Global Freight and Compliance Manager for Actavis Corporate Team. Actavis had revenues that exceed $25 billion from around 1000 products, having achieved massive growth through acquisitions over a short period of time to become the third largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world.


As a specialist pharmaceutical logistics professional, he served as subject matter expert for the company. Applying his extensive knowledge of international transportation and the specific way in which pharmaceuticals need to be treated, he ensured the efficient, cost-effective and compliant movement of products around the world.  Additionally, he was responsible for all patent expiry product launches.  Amongst his achievements in this role were gross annual savings on logistics in excess of $10million and a 100% record of patent-expired products being delivered to market on day 1 and within budget.


His background in global logistics covers diverse activities including: multi-modal freight forwarding; small and large office and warehouse management; specialist pharmaceutical supply chains. While running multiple logistics offices for a global Top 10 company, he was responsible for all P&L at the branches under his leadership as well as for managing around 150 staff.  He was also part of the strategy team which decided the future direction of the company.


He is passionate about solving challenging problems and delivering high-impact, quick-hit improvements. His “M O” is to lead by example, doing whatever it takes to get the job completed and would normally choose to get stuck in and help rather than issuing orders from the seclusion of an office.”


“Lindsay has over 10 years of retail management experience.  Amongst other roles, she ran sections for a large UK Department store and managed 3 stores on behalf of McDonald’s franchisees. Fast food is a unique management environment often involving young people doing their first job, for whom career can take a back seat to enjoyment.  This presents many challenges and has given Lindsay a wide range of management and mentoring skills.”





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