Modalis has been involved in a large number of logistics contract negotiations.


If you already have a logistics contract with a service provider you will no doubt still be looking for cost reductions.  In this situation, it can be very tempting to run a request for information / request for proposal (RFI / RFP) process for “benchmarking” purposes. This involves significant time and resources for an LSP, as well as yourselves.


Additionally, if you regularly run such “benchmarking" exercises, without necessarily intending to change provider, you risk damaging the relationship with your current provider whilst other providers will under-resource their response and may even stop responding altogether.


One alternative is to fully review your existing contract and operations, enabling identification of areas for improvement. We can aid contract reviews and help you to find reductions in logistics costs rather than a change of provider.  Of course, the review may highlight that a full RFI / RFP is the best course of action.


Modalis can help you to manage your suppliers, contracts and operations, achieving the best value from your logistics and supply chain functions





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