Modalis has extensive experience in the outsourcing of logistics services.


Logistics service providers (LSP) offer the outsourcing of logistics services across a whole range of supply chain functions and needs.


Some of the key functions which can be outsourced include:

Freight forwarding; warehouse operations; transportation; Customs compliance and other value added services.

Firstly you should understand the logistics functions of your business then you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing these functions and develop an outsource v insource strategy.


Once you have this strategy, you can start the outsourcing process for the desired logistics functions.


Our approach to the outsourcing of logistics services is:

• Work with you to understand the logistics functions of your business;

• Jointly develop an insource vs outsource strategy;

• From our global market knowledge, assist with the identification of relevant providers of  the functions you plan to outsource;

• Administer and manage the request for information (RFI) process, creating a shortlist of suitable providers;

• Define your requirements in a detailed request for quotation / request for proposal (RFQ / RFP) ensuring the offers made are meaningful, comparable and relevant;

• Joint evaluation of RFQ / RFP responses enabling a full understanding of the value and risks involved with each provider;

• Once the supplier is chosen, we will engage with both parties during the negotiation and contracting phases, advising you on what to expect and how you can drive further value for your business;

• When the contract is awarded, we will support the planning and  implementation;

• We will review the operation to ensure that what was promised has indeed been delivered.


Our team has worked on the procurement of logistics services in the bid teams of leading manufacturers and logistics service providers, thus understanding the process from “both sides of the fence”.  We are ably equipped to help you.










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