The transportation of pharmaceuticals has long been considered to be an airfreight staple so it would be easy to think that airlines are fully conversant with your needs and shipments are problem-free.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and to use airfreight without a full understanding of the service being offered is to put your product at high risk of excursion and QP rejection.


There are currently 33 airlines who offer a “pharma service” of some description but not all pharma services are made equal!

Modalis has checked and audited most of the airlines and can work with you to find the best solution for your lanes.  We understand, for example, which airports and services are subject to high dwell times and which aren’t.  We know the locations with “cool dollies” and those with more rudimentary equipment; we can use our knowledge to help you achieve the successful movement of your products.

We can help you on a lane-by-lane basis or we can take a look at the big picture.  Solutions could include changing airline, changing paperwork, adding protection, time and temperature data labelling, etc.














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